Vision for Hackney


The Hackney Vision is a plan to transform our borough and the way people move within it. The vision outlines how we can achieve these goals, benefiting everyone who lives, works and visits Hackney.

We have identified and mapped all the streets in the borough with their current interventions and suggested how the whole of Hackney could be modernised into a borough that puts people first. The proposed changes will reduce health inequalities, increase access to clean air and green space and put walking and cycling into the heart of our communities.

Active streets

The visualisations show how Hackney streets could enable active lifestyles, provide space for social distancing, and create sustainable communities.  

Green Lanes visualisation with separated cycling tracks
Lordship Road - new public space between the reservoirs
Vestry Street as a motor-free street

Transforming Hackney

  • We want people to enjoy their street, not endure it

  • We want a walk to the shops to be a pleasure, not an ordeal

  • We want more people to have access to green spaces, and streets fit for the 21st century

  • We want people on foot to come first, not last

  • We want children to be able to get to school under their own steam – giving them independence and freedom

  • We want bus journeys to be quick and easy, not clogged by traffic

  • We want the city to keep working, without being dominated by the noise and pollution of through-traffic

  • We want the street to bring the community together

Our vision outlines how we can achieve these goals for Hackney, benefiting everyone who lives, works and visits our borough.



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About Us

Hackney Cycling Campaign (HCC) campaigns for better cycling provision in Hackney. We seek to make cycling in Hackney safer and more inviting, and to speak up for people who cycle or who would like to. Join us at our monthly meetings.

London Cycling Campaign members who live in Hackney are automatically members of HCC. 


We are working with Living Streets Hackney to make sure that pedestrians’ needs are central to the Vision for Hackney. 


Living Streets Hackney


We are encouraging residents to write to their local Councillors and other decision makers to request filtered streets and Emergency School Streets in their areas, using template letters produced by Mums for Lungs. 

Continue exploring the Vision for Hackney

Vision overview.

Hackney’s health, pollution and obesity issues will be improved by implementing the Vision. 

Categorising roads, identifying Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, mapping new infrastrucrure. 

View the Vision map and explore the proposed interventions for each of the 32 LTNs.

How much more has to be implemented for the Vision to become reality? Take action to make it happen!