We are the Hackney Cycling Campaign, part of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC). LCC members who live in Hackney are automatically members of Hackney Cycling Campaign. We have around 1,000 members in the borough. The more members we have the stronger our voice is. Join us!

We are volunteers working to make cycling safer and more inviting in Hackney, and to speak up for people who cycle in Hackney or who would like to. We lobby, advise and challenge the London Borough of Hackney and Transport for London to do more to enable cycling, for people of all ages and ability.

The Hackney group of the London Cycling Campaign meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm. 

For now we meet on Zoom, (download the app). If you would like to join our meetings, please email:  meetings@hackneycycling.org.uk

All welcome.

As well as our campaigns we help put on public events ranging from cyclists’ breakfasts to bike festivals, and hold social events and fundraisers like our ever popular Burns Night.  Other projects we are involved in include our popular self-help maintenance workshop. and the Hackney family cycling library which lends out equipment for families to try.

Please come along to one of our monthly meetings where decisions are made. Get in touch through our mailing list Facebook page and Twitter.

Minutes of our meetings

2020: JanuaryFebruary – March – April – May – June – July – August – September – October – November – December 

2019: JanuaryFebruaryMarchApril – May – June – July – August – September – October – November – December

2018: JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugustSeptember – October – NovemberDecember

2017: January – February – March – April – May – June – July – AugustSeptember – October – NovemberDecember

HCC’s committee is elected at our AGM in the autumn. The current committee was elected in October 2019.

  • Co-ordinator: Jono Kenyon
  • Secretary: Natalie Gould
  • Treasurer: Dave Harris

Committee members:

  • Brenda – Events Coordinator
  • Rachel Aldred  – Research and Insight
  • Harry Fletcher-Wood – Consultation Coordinator
  • Lewis Gillingham – Vision Coordinator
  • Garmon ap Garth – On committee
  • Ruth Anna – On committee
  • Gordon Quilty – On committee
  • Liam Duffy – On committee


  1. hi

    wanted to join you – but says need to contact you as don’t have permission to join…

    seemed a bit odd!

    also ‘mailing list’ seems to be a broken link…

    How to proceed?



    1. Hi James, sorry for that, I’m not sure what the issue was there. You are on the google email list already, and so the link to the next monthly meeting next Weds should be sent soon.

      See you soon.

  2. hi, joined LCC, would like to see how i can get involved with Hackney Cycling, can you add me to your mailing list for meetings etc? thanks, Chris

    1. Hi Chris, great. We meet on 1st Wednesday each month.

      · Join our mailing list Google Groups at https://groups.google.com/d/forum/hackney-lcc

      A few actions from last week:

      · If you see the good, bad or ugly on Hackney streets, take a photo and send it to the group by uploading to
      https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B65Lo1DtEzfAfl9iaUNON2FWVkZrZkNMMU42c1pobEhhZkMwUXI5X2VhTGlVMHpTd1B3cEU?usp=sharing or email to vision@hackneycycling.org.uk
      · Sign the Broadway market petition
      · Think about and let us know any contacts – businesses, GPs, schools, etc who may support the vision contact Vision@hackneycycling.org.uk
      · Write to your local councillor(s) to let them know about the Vision, which is accessible on the front page of our website. https://hackneycycling.org.uk/

      Great to have you on board!

  3. My idea: create a more inclusive cycling culture by acknowledging, talking about and looking at ways to tackle sexism and harassment on the streets.

    This seems to be a daily reality for other female cyclists in London.

    1. Hi, Thanks for the input. We believe that our approach (make residential streets quieter, and create safe separated spaces on busier roads), would lead to a more inclusive cycling culture by enabling those who do not cycle currently to do so. Our members have been involved in creating a family cycling group and a library of family cycling equipment, to make cycling more inclusive and lower barriers to cycling. As a small measure, we try to use diversity of images. We’d be happy to hear ideas of what else we could do around this issue, and feed issues and ideas up to LCC, and also to the Council. You’re very welcome to come to our monthly meeting (1st Weds of each month, on Zoom) – if you’re on our mailing list you’ll receive a notification shortly.

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