Green Lanes is fast, scary and dangerous for people cycling.  In three years, 57 people have been injured or killed using the road: a third of them were walking or cycling.  This is despite having speed cameras fitted.  Change is essential.

Hackney Council has proposed much-needed changes, which would place protected cycle tracks along most of the Green Lanes from the boundary with Haringey to the boundary with Islington (and, if these proposals are successful, hopefully beyond).  There plans also include better crossings, more trees and flower beds.

This could be transformative: creating space safe for cycling, protecting pedestrians and slowing drivers.  But they’ll only be built if the proposal gets enough support in the public consultation, which closes on Friday.

We urge you to support the proposals.  If you’ve only got a minute, click here and click ‘support’ in Question 3.

If you’ve time to offer a more detailed response, we’d encourage you to:

–          Support the overall scheme

–          Express support for a future extension to Newington Green

And suggest:

–          Wider cycle tracks: at least 1.8m

–          A modal filter preventing rat-running on Woodberry Grove

–          Improved junctions at Brownswood Road and Stoke Newington Church Street, with early release time for people cycling and painted continuous lanes through the junction

The deadline is this Friday, 20th March.  Don’t miss out on the chance to transform the street – click here now.

You can view full details of the scheme here.

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