2023 Hackney Mayoral Election Cycling Asks

We are delighted that the Green Party, Labour Party, and the Liberal Democrat candidates have all committed to implementing our 5 asks, should they be elected Mayor on November 9th 2023.

We believe that these five measures would lead to significant improvements in safety and convenience, which would further increase levels of cycling and active travel.

Zoë Garbett (Green Party) and Simon de Deney (Lib Dems) both signed up to the 5 asks at our hustings event, and Caroline Woodley (Labour) sent an email ahead of the event committing to doing so. Unfortunately Smiche Steinberger (Conservative Party) failed to sign up to any of the asks.

Key: The party colours have been added to reflect the commitments of each candidate for each ask: 

🟥 Labour
🟩 Green Party
🟨 Liberal Democrats
🟦 Conservative Party

1) Enable all children to safely walk and cycle to every primary and secondary school in Hackney

There should be school streets, filters, protected cycle lanes on main roads, or safe junctions for every primary and secondary school in Hackney by 2026.
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2) Continue to roll out low-traffic neighbourhoods, and connect gateways between them to maximise their potential for safe cycling

We want to see low-traffic neighbourhood coverage of the entire borough by 2025, with the three announced schemes (Dalston LTN, Chatsworth Road LTN, and Hoxton East LTN) to be delivered this financial year as previously agreed. The London Fields LTN needs to be completed with a 24/7 bus gate, and a filter on Whiston Road. Focus should also be placed on creating safe main-road crossings forming strategic ‘gateways’ to allow safe cycling between LTNs.
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3) Provide secure and affordable cycling parking in Hackney for all 

There should be sufficient on-street cycle parking and estate cycle parking to meet demand to address long waiting lists, and a rapid expansion in cycle parking on estates. Parking for cycles should not cost more than for any motor vehicle. Action should be taken to reduce motor vehicle parking, especially on cycle routes to improve safety and on bus routes to improve bus speeds and reliability.
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4) Make Hackney Housing estates accessible

Ensure all residents of Hackney’s estates are able to enjoy easy access to active travel in the borough, and are not left behind with substandard facilities that hinder wheelchair and adapted cycle and cargo bike users. Commit to identify and review existing barriers, and to implement changes consistent with TfL’s Access Control Guidance, and deal with inaccessible kerbs.
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5) Take urgent action on Hackney’s dangerous roads and junctions 

There is an urgent need to make Hackney’s main roads and junctions consistent with TfL’s Vision Zero goal. Schemes that have stalled should be restarted and completed. Priorities include the Pembury Junction, Mare Street/Morning Lane and Stamford Hill. There should also be protected cycle tracks on connecting roads such as Boleyn Road, Downham Road, Amhurst Road and Lauriston Road.
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Artwork by Zaina as part of our Win a Bike competition.