We’re pleased that Hackney Council have recognised the need for improved road safety in the Hackney Downs area. They recognise that the streets are full of rat-running drivers passing through the borough. But the council’s proposed solution is to remodel one junction – Brooke Road/Evering Road – while leaving the streets clogged with cars and pollution.

Hackney Cycling Campaign are joining local residents and Living Streets in calling for the council to take the incursion of rat-running drivers seriously. Narrowing just one junction – while leaving other junctions unchanged, won’t reduce traffic volumes or speeds which are a problem throughout the area. We’re calling on the council to prevent rat-running, to make the streets safe for people walking and cycling while maintaining local access.

Tell the council: don’t just tinker with one junction – fix the whole area.

The problems

· Rat-running affecting many roads in the area
· Drivers moving at high speed
· Multiple collision hotspots
· Nine schools in the area
· Polluted residential streets

The solution

With just six modal filters – bollards – rat-running would be prevented across the whole area, while access for local residents, deliveries and the emergency services could be maintained.

The modal filters would be at:

  • Brooke/Road/Evering Road
  • Maury Road between Evering and Rendlesham Road
  • Ottaway Road
  • Downs Park Road
  • Brooke Road between Norcott and Narford Road

One more filter would be a bus gate – letting buses through, but not private cars. This would be on Downs Road between Rectory Road and Rendlesham Road.

You can see the proposed filter locations on the map below.

Get involved

Hackney Council have set ambitious goals to make local roads safe, cut pollution and green our borough. Tell them it’s time to act on their commitments, by greening Hackney Downs, and making the streets safe for residents.

Act nowcomplete the consultation before the deadline this Sunday, 23rd February.

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