The Council have announced that they will be taking plans to Cabinet on Monday 29th June to install several filters in the London Fields area.  

We encourage you to write you your local councillors to express support for these schemes, which are very welcome and would create a large low traffic neighbourhood.  

The filters would eliminate unnecessarily motor traffic on the Cat & Mutton bridge. Middleton Road would finally be suitable as a Quietway. Richmond Road will become a quiet residential street instead of the busy and loud street that it is currently. The streets around Haggerston Station and Snake Park are heavily affected by rat running motor traffic.

These filters are in line with the suggestions that we’ve set out in our Vision, and we strongly support them.

There is some opposition for these schemes from people who are determined to keep all streets open to traffic. When filters are implemented, they are invariably popular with locals, who value the reduction in air and noise pollution, and danger that motor traffic brings. Remember that all streets and all properties remain open and accessible by motor vehicles – nobody loses out from these changes, apart from drivers who use local streets to cross the borough.

If you support the filters, please email the Ward Councillors: Anntoinette Bramble, Emma Plouviez & M Can Ozsen, the Cabinet Member for Transport, Jon Burke and the Mayor with your support. Or tweet your support.

An example email is below (feel free to cut and paste or use your own words).

Send to:

Subject: Supporting low traffic neighbourhoods

Dear Mayor Philip Glanville, and Cllrs Jon Burke, Anntoinette Bramble, Emma Plouviez & M Can Ozsen,

I was very pleased to hear of the recent announcement regarding creating low traffic neighbourhoods in London Fields ward. I want to let you know you have my support for these plans.

These plans will:

  • encourage people to walk and cycle for short journeys, including children and  others who have enjoyed the quieter streets over recent months
  • decrease motor traffic on residential streets and make where we live safer, with less noise and air pollution
  • ensure businesses flourish with more local people using local shops.

Kind regards,

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