We launched our Vision on 25th May. What has been the progress in the month since?

Hackney Council have implemented or announced several schemes, big and small. As well as the overview below, we will reflect these changes on the Vision map and on the appropriate LTN section as more are announced and implemented. 

In total, the plans announced so far include some truly excellent schemes, and we applaud Officers and Councillors for their ambition, such as the leading Council nationally for filters and School Streets. However – and we are a campaigning group, and so we will continue to campaign for more – we look forward to seeing the Emergency Transport Plan and the borough-wide overview for a strategic sense for how the interventions connect together and what we can expect in the next round of schemes.

‘Completed’ LTNs

Some of the announcements have led to completing LTNs, which is very good news and a small number of filters have led to substantial changes beyond the specific streets where the filter itself is located and there should no longer be any through traffic, allowing the space to be improved over time with the addition of greenery, seating or play spaces. 

  • Triangle Road filter (previously announced) has and has completed the London Fields East LTN (although there is ample opportunity to redevelop the space outside the London Fields station for a new public square. 
  • Barnabas Road filter: This one filter creates a LTN in Homerton South. The filter has been left open, and cars are still ignoring the signs, which we hope will be fixed by cameras being installed swiftly.
  • Ashenden Road filter: Two filters that create Kingsmead Estate, at a stroke.
  • Hoxton West LTN: Filters have been announced at Shepherdess Walk south of Murray Grove, on Nile Street and on Ebeneezer Street. Alongside a filter on Wharf Road (announced by Islington), this creates two LTNs. The locations of the filters are a bit different to that we suggested in our vision, but the outcome is the same.
  • Dalston South / Haggerston LTNs: A series of filters are being taken to the Council on 29th June, that will create an LTN bounded by Graham Road, Kingsland Road, Queensbridge Road and Whiston Road (although this should be extended in time to Hackney Road). These filters on Richmond Road, Lee Street, Middleton Road / Haggerston Road, and a bus gat on the Cat and Mutton Bridge are extremely welcome.

School Streets:

The Council announced 40 School Streets, covering nearly all of the borough’s primary schools. This move is extremely positive. Hackney pioneered School Streets in London, and this latest commitment cements Hackney’s position as the most ambitious borough. Chapeau!

Other Schemes:

  • Broadway Market has long been crying out to be pedestrainsied, and so the emergency closure of the gates is very welcome, and we hope a move that will be made permanent.
  • Balls Pond Road – CS1. This is a major severance of CS1. A route is only as strong as the weakest point, and the 200 or so meters on Balls’ Pond Road has ensured that CS1 has not lived up to its potential. The confirmation of funds to complete this section is welcome (although it has previously been announced with no action, although it has proven to be difficult to see whether the delay should be laid at the feet of Hackney, Islington or TfL. We hope and expect more improvements along CS1 to be announced, especially the Wolford Road filters which have previously been consulted on.


A series of other filters have been announced, which remove rat running on a particular street but are not (yet) part of a wider LTN scheme. These are very welcome, and we look forward to how they will fit into wider plans for each area. 

  • Gore Road filter
  • Ufton Road filter
  • Weymouth Terrace
  • Springfield (filter at Springfield Gardens) and Southwold Rd banned turn
  • Elsdale Road and Mead Place
  • Cremer St
  • Clissold Crescent
  • Marcon Place
  • Hertford Road
  • Shore Place
  • Wayland Av
  • Felstead St

What’s missing: 

There have been no announcements on any additional cycle lanes on main roads (other than the 200m to join the north and south sections of CS1), and so we look forward to seeing plans for our main roads. 

We also think there are some additional filters that would be relatively easy to implement with a big impact, and again look forward to seeing these being completed in future funding rounds. 

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