Tracey Fletcher, the CEO of Homerton University Hospital Trust has written to the Mayor of Hackney and Hackney Council to implement an emergency active travel plan.

In the letter, Tracey Fletcher writes:

Infrastructure for active travel enables people to exercise as part of their daily routine and being physically active is an effective way to reduce rates of various chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Public Health England has highlighted the importance of increasing the proportion of journeys made by bicycle or by foot. The Prime Minister has told regional leaders to encourage people to commute on foot or by bike to help avoid a dramatic increase in car use after lockdown. We very much hope that these initiatives will be installed across Hackney as soon as possible.


With research suggesting the effects of coronavirus are exacerbated by air pollution, the proposals would ensure cleaner air throughout Hackney. Hackney has the third highest rate of coronavirus deaths in the UK and the highest rate of hit and run deaths in London.

Jono Kenyon, coordinator of Hackney Cycling Campaign, said: “Hackney can’t lurch from one public health emergency to another. We need action to be taken right now to plan for a completely different future for the borough. Central govt has made it clear that meaningful changes are required by every local authority to road layouts. We look forward to working with Hackney Council to deliver healthier streets”.

Read the full letter.


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