This new cycling infrastructure is a TfL plan on borough roads.

Answer the consultation by FRIDAY 21st JUNE

General comments on this scheme:

– This scheme is supported with caveats. If fully implemented and improved it could result in many more people and a wider range of people walking and cycling in the area. However, there are major questions remaining regarding its full implementation.

Hackney alignment isn’t ambitious

Key issues in Hackney are that the route is far too unambitious, and as a result, far too low quality. The route alignment as currently proposed features too little filtering to deliver a far wider range of people cycling, and should only be considered as a viable alignment if it truly delivers quiet, comfortable and high-quality cycling throughout. Without further improvements, this section of the scheme falls significantly below the standards expected for a TfL and Hackney scheme.

TfL originally consulted on 2 alignments. They have picked the weaker of the two.

– Initial proposals for this scheme showed a potential route along Lauriston Road. This alignment is much stronger and should be rapidly developed – as the current proposals miss many key amenities and destinations in Hackney (and many potential areas for people to cycle from) by taking this backstreet alignment. Proposals along Lauriston road are required regardless of this proposed scheme, to see the removal of the dangerous and hostile roundabout at the junction of Lauriston Road and Victoria Park Road. This was the site of the fatal collision involving Shivon Watson, who died while cycling in 2010.

Current layout of Lauriston Road could easily accommodate cycle tracks

– The southern half of Frampton Park Road, beyond Loddiges Road, likely carries too much motor traffic to be comfortable for all ages and abilities of cycling and further filtering should be considered to remove traffic here. This issue could also be compounded when Wick Road is made two-way. The same is true of the northern section of Skipworth Road (and we believe this issue will not be improved enough by the changes proposed for Grove Road).


– The treatment of Victoria Park Road is insufficient to enable people of all ages and abilities to walk or cycle here.


– The treatment of the junction of Skipworth Road with Gore Road and Morpeth Road is particularly worrying. The current width restrictions are not appropriate, but in this case, the one on Gore Road is to be removed, risking not only raising volumes of motor traffic but also motor traffic speeds. This also is the only section in Hackney where it looks like significant amounts of money will be spent on the scheme. This means this approach represents particularly poor value for money here, and instead, filtering should very much be considered here.


– The junction of Gore Road, Wetherell Road and Grove Road will remain hostile to those cycling – as will the surfacing, it appears, on Grove Road.


– The general failure to fully and appropriately filter all of the roads needed to enable all ages and abilities to cycle in comfort along the proposed alignment in Hackney are of grave concern: not just because the council are clearly capable of doing more and better schemes based on past performance, but also because material changes to roads in the area already in train, including at Wick Road, but also in light of the proposed Silvertown Tunnel, are likely to result in some of the roads in this scheme subject to rising motor traffic levels in the future without appropriate, further filtering.

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